Westlock, Alberta

TThe community of Westlock, Alberta, is located 85 kilometres north of Edmonton. Westlock and District is a tightknit community that ensures that the needs of individuals and groups get met, whether that’s providing for the food bank, helping someone who has a sick child, or supporting a minor sports team.

Since the 1990s, Westlock and District has been proud to be involved in the Westlock Growing Project, which raises money to fund water diversion projects in Ethiopia. As a result, this small community has funded the completion of 18 water diversion projects that have fed more than 400,000 people on a sustainable basis. The people of Westlock also contribute to other projects in Ethiopia, helping to improve quality of life and contributing to sustainable economic development.

About Westlock

Founded in 1913, Westlock serves Westlock County. The area has a lot of agriculture—the town is a centre for grain trade—as well as other businesses, including those serving the oil and gas sector. When it officially became a village in 1916, Westlock had just 65 residents. Today the population is about 5,000. The name of the town comes from the two men who originally owned the property on which the town was founded—William Westgate and William Lockhart.
We love and celebrate Westlock’s community spirit! People are always happy to support one another and causes that are important to them. The Westlock Rotary Spirit Centre is a physical example of that spirit and a gathering place for our community.

Westlock Rotary

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Several of the people on our board of directors are active members of the Westlock Rotary Club. The Rotary motto, “Service above self” is a sentiment Rainbow for the Future shares and supports.

The Westlock Rotary Club has been an instrumental part of the community, and a major supporter of our organization.

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