Quick Ethiopia Facts

Ethiopia is a fascinating country where things are very different from what people in the western world are used to. In reality, the only way to truly get to know Ethiopia and its people is to visit the country and experience it for yourself. But if you’re interested in learning about Ethiopia and the people Rainbow for the Future helps, here are some quick facts about Ethiopia to get you started.


Ethiopia Population

According to the World Bank, the population of Ethiopia was 96.96 million in 2014, with an annual population growth rate of 2.5%. The Ethiopian Government’s website states that the population is around 79 million. According to another source, the country has a population density of 83 people per square mile. 

Ethiopia Climate

Ethiopia’s climate varies according to elevation. In general, January to March see average temperatures of about 25 degrees Celsius or 77 degrees Fahrenheit. The country’s rainy season begins in April and lasts until September. During this time, it is humid and hot. During the hot month of August, temperatures can reach as high as 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit).

Ethiopian Currency

The currency used is the Ethiopian Birr (ETB). Just as there are 100 pennies in a Canadian dollar, there are 100 santim in one Ethiopian Birr. Birr come in 1, 5, 10, 50, and 100 Birr bills.

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