The Ethiopian People

Ethiopia is a fascinating place, as different from Canada as day is from night. Life for the people of this country is often challenging, much more challenging than most North Americans can imagine.

There are around 80 tribes or ethnic groups and people identify with their ethnicity more than they do with the concept of being Ethiopian, making it a culturally rich country even though it is extremely poor in material terms.

This section of our website is dedicated to the Ethiopian people. Here you will find information about the country and the customs of the people. If you are planning to visit Ethiopia, you will get a good overview of what to expect.

If you’re an interested supporter, this section of the site will remind you that Ethiopians are more than just people who need our help to help themselves. They are people with their own ways of living, of dressing, of dancing. They are men and women who embrace their country’s largest crop—coffee—and celebrate it with coffee ceremonies. They are individuals who live in a country with a long history and they are actively trying to improve the quality of life for themselves and their countrymen.

We at Rainbow for the Future have travelled to Ethiopia many times and have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people. They are our friends and we have continually been overwhelmed by the generosity displayed by even the poorest of the poor. We hope you enjoy getting to know Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people as much as we have!

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