Healthcare Solutions for Sustainable Development

Healthcare in the form of medical facilities, health clinics, and improved sanitation is critical to the development of rural Ethiopian communities. It is one thing to have a sustainable water supply and food source but these initiatives cannot succeed over the long term if people do not have access to appropriate and often life-saving healthcare.

Healthcare initiatives can be as simple as providing healthcare training or equipment such as an X-ray machine, or as complicated as constructing and supplying small health facilities. Development projects may include providing skills training to patients to help them manage disabilities such as blindness or deafness.

Addressing water and sanitation needs also contributes to the improvement of healthcare and is just as important as constructing and supplying health clinics. Many diseases are water-borne, including trachoma, which can cause blindness. Providing a source of clean water and training locals on water care prevents disease and significantly impacts the health of people in the community. Rainbow for the Future has been involved in such projects, including the provision of 20 hand-dug wells to provide water for health and sanitation in rural areas of Butajera.

Access to healthcare and medical facilities saves—and changes—lives.

Community Health Center Development Projects

Below are a few examples of our community health center projects so you can see the kind of work that is going on in Ethiopia:

  • Construction and supply of the Didimtu Health Post
  • Resupply of the Sentema Health Post
  • Renovation of the Dr. Redda X-ray facility
  • Purchase and installation of new X-ray machine in Butajera Clinic
  • Renovation of wards and upgrades to allow Butajera Clinic to upgrade to hospital status
  • Facilitation and medical support for heart surgery in Raddi Mussa
  • Upgrading a health clinic
  • Purchase of an X-ray machine and upgrade of facility
  • Healthcare training
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