Seka High School Expansion

May 2014 – June 2016

This high school is being built in Seka town, Seka Chekorsa Woreda (district), Jimma Zone of Oromia National Regional State.

The project involves the expansion of the existing Seka secondary school and the construction of additional classroom, library, and laboratory buildings. It will double the student capacity of the school as well as create an environment for the student population to access equitable, relevant, and quality secondary education. The school will also provide them with opportunities to actively participate in the development of their country.

Expected completion of the project is June 2016. When fully completed, the number of students attending the school per year will be over 2,200, double the current capacity (1,123) of the Seka High School.

Education in Ethiopia is compulsory and free, but middle school enrollment is still stuck at 60%.
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