Gebreyes Haile Secondary School – Sentema

Completed October 2012

The school, which officially opened in October 2012, currently serves over 1,000 students annually in grades 9 and 10 (morning and afternoon shifts). After construction of the school buildings and other infrastructure was completed and the necessary educational materials were supplied, the inauguration ceremony of the school took place on October 14, 2013.

The Sentema Education Support Project was initiated to cater to the school-age populations of six kebeles (municipalities):

  • Geshe Luchene
  • Budo Kera
  • Siba Kake
  • Tebo Wacho
  • Dimtu
  • Sentama Goro Kebele

Sentema Water Supply

The Sentema Water Supply Project is found in Sentema Kebele, Seka Chekorsa district of Oromia Regional State. The purpose of the project is to provide safe drinking water to the Sentema Engineer Gebreyes Haile Secondary School and the Sentema town population, thereby improving the health of the school population and kebele residents. The following activities have been accomplished:

  • Reinforced concrete reservoir with a capacity of 50 cubic metres has been constructed, 
  • Standardized pump and generator have been procured and a generator house has been constructed
  • Pipe system layout from the reservoir to the water distribution center in the school compound is 98% completed
  • Five existing water distribution points within the village are connected to the reservoir and one more water distribution center will be completed

Sentema Teachers’ Residence

With the aim of improving the living conditions for teachers at Sentema Engineer Gebreyes Haile Secondary School and thereby maintain qualified staff, the Sentema Teachers’ Residence construction was started in July 2013. The project intended to build five blocks, each containing four rooms. Common kitchen and latrine blocks are also part of the project plan.

The construction of the residence houses, including kitchen and latrines, has been fully completed and the buildings have been handed over to the teachers.

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