Endalgeda Secondary
School Project

August 2015 – July 2017

The purpose of this project is to contribute to national efforts to expand accessible and quality secondary education by providing a conducive environment for the secondary school-age population of Endalgeda and neighbouring kebeles (municipalities) of Irob woreda (district) in Tigray Region. 

The school will have:

  • Two classroom blocks (8 classrooms)
  • Library block (2 rooms)
  • Physics and chemistry laboratory block (3 rooms)
  • Biology laboratory block (3 rooms)
  • Administration block (9 rooms)
  • Information Technology Block (1 room)
  • Two dry latrines (16 rooms)
  • Guard house
The establishment of a vibrant school leads to further strides in adult literacy, healthcare, and economic opportunities.

The project involves the construction, furnishing, and equipping of a standard secondary school in Endalgeda kebele of Irob woreda that will serve 320 students annually. 

As of February 2016, staff mobilization and camp construction have been completed and foundation construction for three blocks has been started.

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