Didimtu School

The first school ever established in the Didimtu region was tiny and built by the community from wood and mud. There were no resources, but they needed a school! Over time and through seasonal rains, the walls deteriorated and the buildings became ruined and useless.

With more than 400 school-age children in the area, and the number growing rapidly, Sageda Development Association proposed to rebuild the school. With the help of the Rotary Club of St. Albert, Rainbow for the Future, and the Alberta International Development Fund, there is now a new school with four classrooms accommodating grades 1 to 4.

The school facility will also be useful to the community for adult education and training that is part of other development initiatives in the area. Water has recently been piped to the school as well. The community parent/school committee has received training and is responsible for solving any problems that arise concerning the operation and maintenance of the school.

From the students

“In previous times the little children had no chance for education. It is known that in past years, the community tried to build a school by themselves from the local materials. It did not last long. It was damaged by winds and rains. The students sat down on dust but now they have desks for sitting and writing.”

”Now the faces of the children are shining and they say that this is the amazing light for us! God bless Rainbow for the Future because they are the ones who shared our sorrow. Now we have a quality school and we departed from the dusty room which exposed us to many diseases.”

All the students said as one: “We have the hope now to continue in our education. We thank our sister Bekelech (Sageda Sustainable Development Association) that she told the world called Canada.”

Providing education is one of the most important development projects that can be implemented in a community.

From the school committee

”Because of the construction of this school, many children who were rearing cows now come to school.”

From the teachers

”Really, this is an amazing opportunity for this community. Before there was no such kind of school in this area. We used to teach the students in the damaged building with dusty floors, but all that is passed away now. Our mind is also refreshed in what Rainbow for the Future did through SSDA. We thank the donors who support us.”

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