Boditti Self-Help
Group Project

The overall objective of this project is to contribute to the wellbeing and economic betterment of poor people in areas around Bodit town. Specifically, the project is aimed at improving the income of 300 poor women by organizing them into 15 self-help groups.

Indirectly, this project will also improve the income levels of more than 4,600 people in the area.

This area suffers from high levels of unemployment due to lack of access to land, poor agricultural production, and lack of financial resources as well as other social and natural factors. Most households have lost jobs with the now-demolished local agricultural development farm and depend on daily labour wages. An alternative livelihood system is required and the expansion of already established micro-financing cooperatives provides opportunities for even the very poor to improve their circumstances.

Funds have been forwarded to the implementing partner, Save Generation Development Association, and the project is underway.

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