Amuli II Irrigation Development Project

January 2014 – 2016

The Amuli II Irrigation Development Project began in January 2014 with the aim of promoting the food security of pastoral households in Dalifage Woreda (district), zone five of the Afar Region. The project involves the construction of one irrigation scheme to help 300 households achieve food self-sufficiency through diversification of their livelihood means.

The core outputs of the project are:

  • Construction of an irrigation scheme on Jara River, with a potential to develop 100 hectares of land
  • Enhancement of the community’s knowledge and skills related to irrigation agronomy and natural resources management
  • Creation of a functional water users’ association
  • Organization of women’s saving and credit groups
  • Implementation of biological and physical soil conservation

To date (February 2016), the following have been carried out:

  • Headwork or river diversion structure
  • Parts of main and secondary canal excavation and canal structures
  • Community capacity building and natural resource management activities

The main activities of this project in 2016 will be completing the construction of part of the irrigation canal infrastructure, providing agricultural extension support to the farmers, carrying out physical and biological soil and water conservation measures, and providing capacity building training on project-related topics.

Our work has proven to be a wonderful investment that has made an amazing difference to the lives of so many.
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