Amero School

Ten kilometres from the nearest town of Amero Kelle, perched at the foot of a mountain chain in a remote region of southern Ethiopia, is the the Amero Catholic Mission.

The region has been virtually cut off from any further development. People living in this area face an ongoing battle with termites, which got in the way of being able to provide education for the community’s children.

The existing school had six mud-walled, wood-framed classrooms but aggressive termite activity in the roof structure and inside the walls had rendered the buildings unsafe for students and staff. 

Rainbow for the Future and our partners have raised about $10 million and helped about a million people in Ethiopia.

In 2011, a new classroom block was constructed entirely from concrete blocks, metal roof trusses, and metal windows and doors. Even the blackboards are concrete. The new Amero School building is standing strong and proud, with the termites looking on in shock. As a result, 520 students no longer have to sit in class wondering if the roof will fall in.

Ring the bell! School is in session in, Amero.

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