About Our Name

Where does the name “Rainbow for the Future” come from?

Whenever you see a rainbow in life, you often have to go through the dark clouds of injustice, turmoil, and poverty and face the ominous sky of inequity and entrenched greed. But if you have the courage to face life’s storms head-on—to be bold, steadfast, and resolute while keeping God at your side—the result will be a beautiful, vibrant rainbow of hope.

A rainbow acts like a bridge, a conduit of love and compassion. Brotherly concern can travel this bridge from one part of the world to another to produce a pot of gold that turns people’s current dreams into their future reality. Maybe it’s an irrigation project or a school. Maybe it’s a health post or a water-supply system. Whatever the action taken, it tells those we do it for that we care about them. We respect their dignity and self-worth, and they are an integral part of the global family!

Become part of our story, whether you choose to donate, are inspired to help someone else, or simply want to learn more.

Conversely, if you look at it from our side of the ocean, you could say our board of directors in Westlock is a group that brings to the table a whole array of different colours and talents. These people are selfless, generous, intelligent, caring, kind-hearted, and principled. They are people of profound courage and vision. The kaleidoscope of colours and breadth of talents they bring make for a beautiful rainbow, a Rembrandt in itself, painted by the master painter Himself.

We hope you will join us, either by contributing to our organization or by building your own rainbow to help someone else have a brighter future!

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