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Established in 2005, Rainbow for the Future is a Canadian development agency dedicated to the organization and integration of sustainable development efforts in Ethiopia. We are committed to helping the poor help themselves, and those we help in Ethiopia are truly the poorest of the poor.

We strongly support irrigation-based development projects as a means to improve food security, allowing communities to become autonomous and independent. When household income is stabilized and food security is established, the focus can then turn to education, healthcare, and long-term sustainability in a number of areas such as:

  • Education, particularly the education of girls and women
  • Access to healthcare services and medical facilities
  • Income-generation programs, especially for women

Accountable to Our Supporters

We work extremely hard to use the many resources we have in Canada to alleviate human suffering, while ensuring responsible practices for accountability and sound stewardship to our benefactors.

  • 95% of the donations we receive get to the recipients—those in need. Administration, travel, and other costs are covered by volunteers and our directors. We provide sound stewardship and transparency in all our undertakings.
  • We leverage the resources we receive so we can maximize the outcome.
  • We have recipients contribute in some form—resources or labour—to encourage participation in their own success.
  • We forge strong partnerships with other organizations and individuals to provide expertise, trust, and excellent stewardship of the resources people entrust to us, and we visit the projects to ensure they are proceeding as planned, and to document the stories and share the results with our donors.

Small Steps Lead To Big Changes

While governments and health organizations take on global challenges, they can also be bogged down in politics. These organizations are necessary to provide macro measures for change by addressing issues such as climate change, the world water crisis, etc.

But sometimes action on a much simpler scale is required. We’re a small organization but, as they say, good things come in small packages. While governments and major organizations carry out research and discuss major solutions, we believe that with enough small solutions, major changes can happen.

Imagine what could happen if everyone took some action today to help others. It doesn’t have to be big. But if we each did something, the results would be incredible. Every person whose life is helped in some way from one act of giving can in turn take action when they’re capable. In this way, one small act can change the world.

So we do what we can today, regardless of how small that action might be. One act leads to another and when there are enough small actions, there can be major results.


It Doesn’t Take a Lot to Make a Difference

Over the years, we have raised about $10 million and helped about a million people in Ethiopia. That translates to about $10 a person or, in other terms, two or three Starbucks lattes each. It doesn’t seem like a lot of money per person, but it sure makes a huge difference in their lives. What does it mean?

  • A young girl no longer has to walk five kilometres to compete with other equally desperate people to fill her 60-pound container with brown, polluted water. Instead, she now has a watering station with clean, safe, healthy water just five minutes from her home. Now she has time to go to school.
  • Food security and sustainability for over 400,000 food-deficient individuals, many of them children and older people.
  • Three new schools—two high schools and one technical school—in Seka and Sentema, Ethiopia, stopping girls and boys from potentially getting killed for their organs when they risked leaving the area to pursue a new life or an education. Their parents pleaded with us to save their children, and we heeded their call.
  • Grinding mills, grain stores, health posts (for maternal health), and X-ray and medical equipment just a 10-minute walk from people’s homes. Previously, these services were a dangerous, full-day walk away.
95% of the donations we receive get to the recipients.

We’ve partnered with a lot of people on a variety of projects, because we are highly motivated to help the poor. But we won’t compromise on one principle: no pressure. We walk softly and quietly. Yes, we let people know what we are doing and about the safe, reliable vehicle they are about to climb into. But again, we apply no pressure. If God wants this to happen, it will happen (like the World Record Harvest); He doesn’t need us to get aggressive. He can handle it.


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